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suchir pabbati.

Software Developer / Student / Problem Solver



As a college student using the well-known university website Canvas, I noticed several accessibility and usability issues. To address these concerns for myself and fellow students, I initiated a personal project called CanvasCraft. I've already introduced useful features, such as Dark Mode, a Custom Online File Viewer, and a Google OAuth 2.0 integration with the Google Calendar API for importing Canvas assignments. Looking ahead, I intend to enhance Canvas notifications by implementing Firebase Cloud Messaging, ensuring I never miss another assignment.

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about me

I'm Suchir Pabbati, a Freshman at Rutgers University New Brunswick. As a Computer Science student, I spend most of my free time learning or improving new skills through projects. I like learning new languages and frameworks as each one of them implements a different approach to solving a common problem.

In addition to what I mentioned above, in my spare time, I participate in basketball, running, solving escape rooms and chess puzzles, volunteering at a local temple, and love to cook.


Java, Javascript, Python, HTML5, CSS3, C#, Git, Firebase, Photoshop, and Unity.


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