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suchir pabbati.

Software Developer / Student / Co-Founder of APT


Anemia Prevention Technologies

As a co-founder of A.P.T. (Anemia Prevention Technologies), I created the organization and developed a mobile application that uses machine learning and recommendation systems to aid mothers during their pregnancy. The app, available at www.aptnextgen.com, utilizes a fingernail scanner to detect the severity of nutrient deficiencies and provides personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations to improve the user's health. Progress can be tracked through repeated scans, and the app will notify the user to seek medical intervention if the condition becomes severe.



about me

I'm Suchir Pabbati, a Senior at SBHS. As a Computer Science student, I spend most of my free time learning or improving new skills through projects. I like learning new languages and frameworks as each one of them implements a different approach to solving a common problem.

In addition to what I mentioned above, in my spare time, I participate in XC/TF, Viking Volunteers, CS Club, and VT-Seva.


Java, Javascript, Python, HTML5, CSS3, C#, Flutter, SQL, Git, Firebase, Photoshop, Blender, and Unity.


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